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Dorothy Lee

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Are you a spiritual-minded person searching for ways to create your ideal life, be more effective at whatever your passion is, and feel more at peace in your life? 

If so, you’re invited to open yourself up to consider incorporating eight simple, yet profound principles into your life that allow you to:

        Use your innate power to create your ideal life;

        Master your energy and emotions while in the midst of change;

        Feel inner peace no matter what circumstances are currently going

             on in your life;

        Live a joyful life, having gained inner peace and personal


Hi there!  I’m Dorothy Lee. 

I help other spiritual-minded people learn and apply eight timeless principles to their daily lives.  If you want a life of inner peace and joy, then you’ve come to the right place for the help you need to get there.

How Do We Get Started?

Here are my recommendations:

  1. 1.Go to Invest In Joy for Information about Dorothy and Kathryn’s new books.

  2. 2.Read the eight principles for inner peace and personal empowerment brought to us by intuitive Kathryn Harwig’s guides, the Light Collective.

  3. 3.Read About Dorothy Lee & The Light Collective to find out how and why The Light Collective, Kathryn Harwig, and I got together to bring you The Eight Principles and information & advice about current events found in the newsletter “Invest In Joy”.

  4. 4.Go to “Newsletter” for our monthly newsletter where you will find wisdom and advice from the Light Collective concerning current events, as well as articles from knowledgeable guest authors and myself.  Sign up to receive the newsletter so that you won’t miss their latest news and advice!

  5. 5.Get your free copy of “Change, a More Equal, Loving, and Peaceful Society,” a fascinating presentation recently given by the Light Collective concerning our future.  Available for immediate download when you join our community.

Go to www.dorothylee.us/change

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have. 

Go in Peace, Love, & Joy


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“Spiritual Insights” is an educational cooperative whose sole purpose is to help spiritual seekers live in joy through inner peace & personal empowerment.   We orchestrate, promote and produce events, workshops and seminars, focused on living in joy.

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